Fest Anča to Welcome Famous Director Priit Pärn

The Fest Anča International Animation Festival will once again open the summer vacation season by bringing the best international animated movies to Žilina. The festival will take place between June 24 – 28, and a special guest of this 8th year of Fest Anča will be the Estonian animation couple Priit and Olga Pärn, who have received many awards.


Interview with Joanna Kożuch and Boris Šima

The 8th Fest Anča festival has a brand new visual created by two Slovak animators – Joanna Kožuch (Fongopolis) and Boris Šima (Chyťte ho!). We sat down together and talked about how the new design was created, and discussed the importance of yoghurt in the whole process. 


Call for Entries

We are launching a call for entries registration process for our 8th edition of Fest Anča, which will be held on June 24 – 28, 2015. The last date of film submission is March 15, 2015. Our festival opens six competition categories: Anča Award, Anča Student Award, Anča Music Video Award, Anča Kids’ Award, Anča Slovak Award and D Award.


Limited edition pre-sale festival passes

Fest Anča 2015 festival passes are perfect presents for you and your nearest and dearest! Pre-sale tickets for the festival, which will take place in Žilina between 24 and 28 June 2015, are now available! These limited edition tickets are an exclusive reduced price of EUR 12. 


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Fongopolis: How to not get lost in a labyrinth

Half of the duo that created Fest Anča‘s visual design this year is Joanna Kożuch, animator of Polish origin who lives and works in Slovakia. After several student films she made at the  Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, she succeeded with her first professional film - Fongopolis - at Fest Anča, as well as at other festivals and movie theatres.

Rosso Papavero to compete at Berlinale

The film Rosso Papavero was finished last year, and has already won the Literary Fund´s prize at last October’s Biennial of Animation Bratislava. At the beginning of this year it will be competing for an international prize at the Berlinale Generation Kplus competition section. 

A Tornado is heading to Slovak cinemas!

The Veronika Kocourková film Ako vzniká tornádo (The Story of a Tornado) can be seen in cinemas from 4th December 2014 as a pre-film to the family feature film Magické striebro – Hľadanie kúzelného rohu (Magic Silver – The Quest for the Mystic Horn) which is brought to you by the Film Europe Media Company. 

Visegrad Animation Forum is a chance for Slovak projects

VAF, the biggest Central and Eastern European pitching forum, has opened its call for entries which is a chance for Slovak animators to enroll with their short film and TV series projects. Submission deadline is Febrary 8, 2015.

Nina: A New Animated Film by Ové Pictures

The successful creative duo Ové Pictures is coming up with their biggest project so far: a 17-minute animated film Nina. After the gala premiere, scheduled to take place on September 26, 2014 at the cinema Lumière, the film will be distributed to Slovak movie theatres within the Project 100.

If I Only Had a Screw Loose! Will Premiere at the Kremnica Gags Festival

This year at Kremnica Gags—the European festival of humour and satire (August 29-31, 2014) —animated film will find its place, too. The author of the visual concept of this year’s Gags Ivan Popovič will present new episodes of his animated series for children.

Animated-Documentary Feature Film Felvidék: Caught in Between

Vladislava Plančíková, a Documentary film Department graduate, attended art classes as an Elementary School pupil, but only began to animate after she started working on her debut that required her personal involvement. A new animated documentary feature called Felvidék: Caught in Between was premiered in Slovakia.

DVD VIRVAR featuring contemporary Slovak animation released

On Thursday December 12, 2013 at 4:30 pm a release party of DVD VIRVAR – Contemporary Slovak Animated Film was held at the movie theatre of the Film and Television Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava.

Connection of documentary and animation in project Gottland

Documentary series of six episodes inspired by a book bestseller with the same name by Polish author Mariusz Szczygiel presents different personalities of the Czech nation, always directed by a different FAMU director.

Slovak animator Koloman Leššo died

Koloman Leššo was a Slovak writer, caricaturist and animator. He died at the age of 70.

Snow starts in cinema distribution

Snow is a short animated film about love. It tells a story of a young woman, Maja, who, in her desperate longing for love, loses touch with reality and begins to collapse into the dark corners of her own imagination. You can see Snow in Slovak cinemas from September 19, 2013.

Černeková and Luha still on the road

Three films form the On the road cycle are finished so far: Spain (2011), Der Turm (2012) anf the latest Brussels (2013). The “seekers” are working on two more films at the moment.

What is Joanna Kozuch up to?

Most importantly, she is working on her earlier project Fongopolis. Art works, animation, editing - all is done and the sound track of the film is being finished at the moment, including music of course. A young violinist is heading to a city called Fongopolis. He is about to perform his life solo in a grandiose concert with a prestigious Philharmonic. 

Making of the series If I Only Had a Screw Loose! continues

One of the oldest animation studios in Slovakia is owned by Ivan and David Popovič. My Studio was founded by the father and son in 1992. The largest part of their production is covered by a series about inventions If I Only Had a Screw Loose!

Destruction of Marián Vredík

Marián Vredík, the author of the 2012 animated adaptation of a children rhyme I’m drawing a circle, is a master's degree student at the Academy of Fine Arts, at the department of painting in the studio of prof. Klaudia Kosziba, but this semester he is on an internship at FAMU.

Heart of the tower on its way to support

Preparations for feature film Heart of the tower by Peter Budinský (tWINs, Bird of Pray) and Patrick Pašš ml. (In the field) are slowly continuing on Slovak animation scene. The film develops the topics of fear and death, more intended for adult audience than for child viewers. 

fest anča on tour

16. 4. 2015 / 19.00

Fest Anča Cinema: Contemporary pixilation animation
Foajé, Štefánikova 16, Bratislava


7. 4. 2015 / 19.00

Fest Anča Cinema: Michaela Pavlátová profile with her personal presence
Foajé, Štefánikova 16, Bratislava



26. 3. 2015 / 19.00

Fest Anča Cinema: Contemporary stop-motion animation
Foajé, Štefánikova 16, Bratislava


12. 3. 2015 / 19.00

Fest Anča Cinema: Profile of Lukáš Sigmund with his personal presence
Foajé, Štefánikova 16, Bratislava


26. 2. 2015 / 19.00

Fest Anča Cinema: Contemporarary plasticine animation
Foajé, Štefánikova 16, Bratislava


19. 2. 2015 / 19.00

Fest Anča Cinema: Profile of Katarína Kerekesová with her personal presence
Foajé, Štefánikova 16, Bratislava


29. 1. 2015 / 19.00

Fest Anča Cinema: Profile of Mária Oľhová with her personal presence
Foajé, Štefánikova 16, Bratislava


22. 1. 2015 / 19.00

Fest Anča Cinema: Animation techniques - contemporary puppet animation
Foajé, Štefánikova 16, Bratislava


13. 12. 2014 / 18.00

Best of Fest Anča 2014
Vlna live 2014 = BRaK in Vlna
Kasárne KulturPark,
Kukučínova 2, Košice


6. 12. 2014 / 18.00

Best of Fest Anča 2014
Vlna live 2014 = BRaK in Vlna
Záhrada, Benického pasáž,
Námestie SNP 16, Banská Bystrica


6. 12. 2014 / 19.00

Best of Fest Anča 2014
Berliner DKP (temporary cultural space)
Pekárska 40, Trnava


28. 11. 2014 / 18.00
29. 11. 2014 / 18.00

Best of Fest Anča 2014
Podunaj vine celebrations
Stará tržnica, Bratislava


27. 11. 2014 / 19.00

Press screening of The Story of a Tornado
Kino Film Europe, Štefánikova 25, Bratislava


25. 11. 2014 / 19.00

Fest Anča Cinema: Persistence of Vision
Foajé, Štefánikova 16, Bratislava


15. 11. 2014 / 19.00

Best of Fest Anča 2014
Coffee bar Diera do sveta, Liptovský Mikuláš


13. 11. 2014 / 19.00

Fest Anča Cinema: Making of Nina by Ové Pictures
Foajé, Štefánikova 16, Bratislava



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